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Blog Post

Thurgood Marshall: A retrospective

On January 24, 1993, retired Supreme Court Justice Thurgood Marshall died at the age of 84. Marshall was one of the best-known…

Jan 24

Blog Post

How the 20th Amendment made lame-duck sessions less lame

One of the most important, but least discussed, constitutional amendments made government more responsive by greatly shorting the…

Jan 23

Blog Post

On this day, the Roe v. Wade decision

On January 22, 1973, the Supreme Court handed down a decision that continues to divide the nation to this day.

Jan 22

Blog Post

Daniel Webster’s unique Supreme Court legacy

Daniel Webster was one of the seminal figures of 19th century America as an orator and politician. Perhaps less known is…

Jan 18

Blog Post

The next steps in the Senate impeachment trial process

On Wednesday, the House of Representatives formally delivered two articles of impeachment against President Donald J. Trump to the…

Jan 16

Blog Post

Happy birthday to the 18th Amendment!

It was on this day in 1919 that the Constitution gained a new amendment. However, the 18th Amendment, which made Prohibition the…

Jan 16

Blog Post

Could the Equal Rights Amendment become a reality?

On January 15, 2020, the Virginia legislature passed a resolution to ratify the Equal Rights Amendment. The move sets off an…

Jan 15

Blog Post

Who is the Senate Parliamentarian and what does she do?

The impending Senate impeachment trial of President Donald J. Trump could see an important figure in the national spotlight who is…

Jan 15

Blog Post

On this day, the first woman is directly elected to the Senate

On January 12, 1932, a recent widow became the first woman to win election to the United States Senate, when Hattie Ophelia Wyatt…

Jan 12

Blog Post

10 essential facts about Alexander Hamilton on his birthday

On this day in 1755 or 1757, Alexander Hamilton was born in the Caribbean. If you need a quick primer on Hamilton, here are the…

Jan 11

Blog Post

10 fascinating facts about Richard Nixon

Richard Nixon was one of the best-known American politicians of the 20th century’s second half, and one of the most…

Jan 9

Blog Post

On this day: Wilson’s 14 Points puts U.S. on world diplomatic stage

President Woodrow Wilson’s speech to Congress on January 8, 1918 made the United States a global player in the world of foreign…

Jan 8

Blog Post

Soleimani airstrike raises legal, constitutional questions

Late last Thursday night, the Department of Defense announced that it had killed Qassem Soleimani in an airstrike on Baghdad…

Jan 7

Blog Post

On this day, massive raids during the Red Scare

The Constitution faced a major test on this day in 1920 when raids ordered by Attorney General Mitchell Palmer saw thousands of…

Jan 2

Blog Post

On this day, the Emancipation Proclamation changes history

January 1 is one of the most noteworthy days in American history, marking President Abraham Lincoln’s decision to issue the…

Jan 1

Blog Post

On this day: Panama regains the Panama Canal

On December 31, 1999, the United States officially handed the Panama Canal over to Panama’s government, ending a long saga that…

Dec 31

Blog Post

The Gadsden Purchase and a failed attempt at a southern railroad

On December 30, 1853, a treaty was signed where Mexico sold the United States 29,000 square miles of territory for what eventually…

Dec 30

Blog Post

10 fascinating facts about Woodrow Wilson

On the occasion of his birthday, Constitution Daily looks at some unusual facts related to one of the more controversial…

Dec 28

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