Constitution 101 Curriculum: High School Level


Constitution 101 is a 15-unit asynchronous, semester-long curriculum that provides students with a basic understanding of the Constitution’s text, history, structure, and caselaw. Drawing on primary source documents from our new, curated online Founders’ Library—containing over 170 historical texts and over 70 landmark Supreme Court cases selected by leading experts of different perspectives—students will study the historical and philosophical foundations of America’s founding principles from a range of diverse voices The curriculum guides students to think like constitutional lawyers—cultivating the skills necessary to analyze all sides of constitutional questions. Each module includes detailed materials for classroom educators, as well as opportunities for guided discovery and practice and tools to check for understanding.

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Course Modules

Module 1: Constitutional Conversations and Civil Dialogue
Module 2: Principles of the American Revolution
Module 3: Road to the Convention
Module 4: Constitutional Convention and Ratification
Module 5: The Bill of Rights
Module 6: Separation of Powers and Federalism
Module 7: The Legislative Branch: How Congress Works
Module 8: The Presidency and Executive Power
Module 9: The Judicial System and Current Cases
Module 10: The First Amendment
Module 11: The Fourth Amendment
Module 12: Slavery in America: From the Founding to America's Second Founding
Module 13: Voting Rights in America
Module 14: The 14th Amendment: Battles for Freedom and Equality
Module 15: Article V and the 27 Amendments

Classroom Resource Library

Our instructional materials use the National Constitution Center’s Interactive Constitution to provide students with nonpartisan analysis from top constitutional scholars.

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Constitution 101 with Khan Academy

This complement to the teacher-led Constitution 101 empowers students to learn at their own pace. The course supports student mastery of the U.S. Constitution using activities, exercises, and video interviews with dozens of constitutional experts of diverse political philosophies.

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