Abraham Lincoln’s Crossroads explores Lincoln’s political journey.

You will be presented with 13 chapters that address important decisions Abraham Lincoln had to make as a politician and president. Many of his choices were not easy; he had to weigh conflicting advice. In each chapter there will be two advisors – and you – to tell Lincoln what to do. After you choose a course of action, you will find out what decision Lincoln actually made and what happened next.

After completing the 13 chapters, you will find out how often you and Lincoln saw eye to eye.

If at any time you want to go back to look at a particular chapter again, you may do so by clicking on the chapter name.

Each chapter has the following steps:

1. Lincoln’s description of the issue.

2. Lincoln’s request for advice.

3. Two possible suggestions to guide Lincoln’s action.

4. The opportunity for you to tell Lincoln what to do.

5. Finding out whether Lincoln agrees with you.

Enjoy your journey!