Tax Day

Tax Day

April 15

Do-Now Discussion

What do taxes pay for? Make a list of projects, buildings, parks, programs, and other things taxes pay for in your city, state, and nation.

In the Classroom

Celebrate Tax Day with the National Constitution Center through a variety of resources for the classroom.

Educational Video: Dollars and Sense

In this engaging episode of our educational video series, explore what the Constitution says about how the American government manages its money. Learn why it was so important for our young nation to raise cash quickly, and how Alexander Hamilton came up with a plan to create a national bank—despite a debate about whether the Constitution gave the government the power to do so. We’ll pay a visit to the First Bank of the United States to see what its architecture reveals about how the bank was supposed to function. We’ll also find out when, how, and why the Constitution was amended to allow the federal government to impose an income tax, and learn where those tax dollars go today. 

Lesson Plans


From Our Partners at iCivics

At the Center

Join the Center for Tax Day to make sense of the nation’s dollars and cents, and explore the history and significance of taxation in America.

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