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25th Amendment

Interactive Constitution: The Twenty-Fifth Amendment

July 20, 2017 By Brian C. Kalt and David Pozen

Brian C. Kalt and David Pozen look at how the Twenty-Fifth Amendment seeks to answer a series of questions raised by the original Constitution’s treatment of presidential and vice-presidential vacancies and presidential disability.

Podcast: Presidential succession and the 25th Amendment at 50

February 16, 2017 By NCC Staff

Akhil Reed Amar of Yale University and Norman Ornstein of the American Enterprise Institute explain how succession works and how it can be improved.

The Constitution in primetime: 'Designated Survivor' and presidential succession

September 21, 2016 By Chris Calabrese

ABC’s new drama highlights a person who is almost never discussed, and a constitutional issue that often flies under the radar.

What happens if a Vice President resigns and nobody takes his place?

August 10, 2015 By Scott Bomboy

The New York Times reported last week that Vice President Joe Biden briefly considered resigning after his son’s death. But the serious implications of such a move would be well understood by Biden, who is intimately familiar with Congress and the executive branch.

Zachary Taylor's shocking death amid the slavery expansion crisis

October 2, 2014 By Scott Bomboy

As part of Constitution Daily’s Forgotten Presidents week, we look at Zachary Taylor – who unexpectedly opposed the expansion of slavery but died after eating a bowl of cherries.

25th Amendment: Presidential Vacancy and Disability

February 25, 2014 By NCC Staff

This amendment clarifies the Constitution's previously ambiguous language about presidential succession, explicitly confirming the long-standing custom that when a president dies in office the vice president becomes president, rather than acts as president.

Happy birthday, 25th Amendment

February 10, 2013 By Holly Munson

The assassination of President John F. Kennedy in 1963 wasn't the first time the U.S. had to deal with presidential succession. In fact, there had already been seven times that a vice president assumed the presidency due to the president's death.

Five Constitutional crises that actually existed

June 13, 2012 By NCC Staff

U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder has repeatedly told the Senate Judiciary Committee that Congress risked a “constitutional crisis” if it asked him to turn over documents related to the Fast and Furious gun scandal. But is the situation really that dire?

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