The Bill of Rights (Second Edition)

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This engaging and interactive lesson is hosted by the museum’s education staff and scholars. Give your students a “hall pass” to travel through American history—without leaving the classroom! Constitution Hall Pass video lessons and live chats are a hit with millions of students and teachers nationwide. “Constitution Day 2014: The Bill of Rights” provides a behind-the-scenes look at how these 10 amendments were created and interpreted.

  • DISCOVER the roots of the Bill of Rights in the Revolutionary War and the state constitutions
  • VISIT the Constitutional Convention to listen in on the debates about a bill of rights
  • HEAR the voices of the ratifying conventions as they influenced James Madison’s work in writing the Bill of Rights
  • LEARN what the Bill of Rights actually says—and how long it’s taken to make those rights a reality
  • EXPLORE the process of judicial review and the ways citizens use the courts to bring the Bill of Rights to life

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