Convention, Ratification, and Amendment Process

Runtime: 18:03

Civic Holiday: Constitution Day

In this episode of Constitution Hall Pass, take a look at why we needed a Constitution so badly-especially after some people expressed themselves with another rebellion! See and hear the story of creating that Constitution and the efforts it took to get it ratified, topping it off with a trip to New Hampshire to see where the Constitution went into effect. And learn about how the Constitution gave us a three-branched government to protect our rights and the freedom to express ourselves-out loud!

Lesson Plans

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Discussion Questions

Before You Watch
  1. What is the Constitution? Why do you need to know about it?
  2. What do you think was the most important outcome of the American Revolution?
  3. What is the Bill of Rights? When did it go into effect?
  4. What is "freedom of expression?" How do you use it?
  5. If you could change the Constitution, how would you change it? How would you get people to agree with your change?
After You Watch
  1. What was Shays' Rebellion all about? What did the government learn from Shays' Rebellion?
  2. What were the most critical flaws under the Articles of Confederation?
  3. How was the Constitution put into effect?
  4. Why did some states propose changes to the new Constitution? Which states proposed changes? What kind of changes were they proposing?
  5. Can you name some Americans who have used freedom of expression to change our nation? How can you use freedom of expression yourself?

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