Bill of Rights Day

Bill of Rights Day

December 15, 2019

Do-Now Discussion

Not all of the amendments that James Madison proposed made it into the final Bill of Rights. Is there anything missing from the Bill of Rights that you would have included?


Celebrate the Bill of Rights in the classroom all month long with educational resources from the National Constitution Center.

December On-line Chats
Students and teachers can join the National Constitution Center for on-line chats with our education staff.  Ask question about the Bill of Rights, which was ratified in December of 1791, or any other constitutional questions.  We’ll also be chatting about the Center’s online educational resources, upcoming initiatives, and more.

Interactive Constitution: The Interactive Constitution, a FREE online tool—which is now available as an app—features essays on each of the Bill of Rights amendments, written by top constitutional experts from across the political spectrum.  

The National Constitution Center also offers free, classroom-ready lesson plans, designed to help educators use the Interactive Constitution with their students:

Constitution Hall Pass Video Lessons: This month, commemorate Bill of Rights Day with the Center’s Constitution Hall Pass Video Lesson Series



Visitors can celebrate the anniversary of the Bill of Rights, which gave us many of the rights and freedoms we enjoy today.  Visitors can view a rare, original copy of the historic Bill of Rights and learn about the first ten amendments during a fast-paced, interactive game show called “Who wants to be a “Bill-ionaire?” Plus, take a special tour of Signers’ Hall to learn about the history of the Bill of Rights and why it was left out of the original U.S. Constitution.  At activity tables, visitors can create arts-and-crafts and play constitutional matching games!

Preamble Scramble and Amendment Match-Up
All Day, Grand Hall Lobby
Visitors can make arts and craft projects and solve puzzles to place the segments of the Constitution’s preamble in the correct order and match up the right freedoms with the correct amendments.

Meet-and-Greets with the Founders
11 a.m. - 2 p.m., Grand Hall Lobby
Visitors can learn some fascinating facts about American history straight from the source!

Bill of Rights Show
12:30 p.m., Grand Hall Lobby
Who wants to be a “Bill-ionaire?” In this fast-paced game show, visitors face off in competition testing their Bill of Rights knowledge while the Center’s educators reveal the history of our nation’s amendments and freedoms.  

Bill of Rights Day Museum Tour
1:30 p.m., Meet in Signers’ Hall
Visitors can experience a special Bill of Rights tour of the National Constitution Center’s signature exhibits, including Signers’ Hall and The Story of We the People exhibit, and learn about some of the most famous Bill of Rights-related court cases.

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