Teacher Advisory Council

The National Constitution Center's Teacher Advisory Council supports the Center by sharing best practices for teaching constitutional and civic topics—looking at the intersection of U.S. history and current events—and advises the Center on programs and resources that would best support classroom instruction on constitutional fundamentals. Teachers on the advisory council are active and engaged educational professionals who advocate on behalf the National Constitution Center with outreach for programs like the live classes with our scholars and professional development opportunities.

Join the Teacher Advisory Council

The National Constitution Center is calling on you! We are looking for members of the classroom education field to join our Teacher Advisory Council. The council is open to educators who teach fifth grade to college level students from all types of school environments and locations. Members are asked to:

  • Participate in monthly online meetings and virtual student programs, such as Scholar Exchanges.
  • Advise the Center’s education team on new and additional resources that will best support teachers and students nationwide.
  • Advocate on behalf of the Center through social media posts, regional professional networks, and professional development workshops.

Members of the advisory council will have a voice in shaping our free online classes, and will receive a yearly stipend for their valuable time and professional advice. They can also join in our professional development opportunities that include prominent scholars and judges—including our Bill of Rights Virtual Summer Teacher Workshop, which will be available exclusively to Teacher Advisory Council members.

Interested in joining or finding out more? Complete our survey below. 


If you have any questions before or after applying, or if you need assistance with the application, please email [email protected].

Meet the Council Members

The advisory council includes over 170 teachers from 39 states in suburban, urban, and rural communities. Educators are from public, parochial, and charter schools; independent high schools and middle schools; as well as public and private colleges and universities. Educators on the council teach fifth through college level students and over half teach Advanced Placement classes. The National Constitution Center plans to continue expanding the Teacher Advisory Council with a goal of selecting 1,000 educators by 2023.

Brian Allman, West Virginia

Andrew Altman, Pennsylvania

Leah Amos, North Carolina

Susan Anderson, Pennsylvania

Juan Armijo, New Mexico

Molly Beck, Missouri

Heather Belanger, New Hampshire

Kara Belew, Kansas

Breanna Bellefontaine-Krupski, Maine

Daniel Beneventano, Pennsylvania

Alex Bennett, Virginia

Samantha Bentley, South Carolina

Samantha Berk, Maryland

Chastity Bobo, Florida

Megan Boimann-Hennies, Kentucky

Kristoffer Bonilla, Louisiana

Richard Bordelon, Louisiana

Bryan Boucher, Texas

Kristy Brasfield, Arkansas

John Buggeln, Indiana

Jeffrey Butch, Pennsylvania

Fabian Carballo, California

Patrick Ciervo, Utah

Leticia Citizen, California

Anthony Coggins, Michigan

Shari Conditt, Washington

Jennifer Connolly, New York

Mike Cormack, Iowa 

Justin Crews, Ohio

Mattison Curran, Pennsylvania

Justin Daniels, Florida

Lawrence David, Massachusetts

Paula Decker, Virginia

Ron DeGregorio, Ohio

Justin DePlato, Pennsylvania

Roberto Diaz, Texas

Robert Dodd, New York

Valda Dodson, Pennsylvania

Audrey Dudley, Pennsylvania

Lori Dumerer, Texas

David Elbaum, Illinois

Justin Emrich, Ohio

Amanda Ernst, Massachusetts

Christopher Evans, Arizona

Kelly Evans. Colorado

Jennifer Faliveno Boyle, New Jersey

Tracy Feighery, New Jersey

Bob Fenster, New Jersey

Robert Ficano, Michigan

April Flores, Texas

Margaret Friedrich, Pennsylvania

Kelly Gauntt, New Jersey

Christopher Gill, New York

Sarah Gillespie, New Jersey

Erica Golle, New Jersey

Robin Grenz, Florida

Shaunna Grishaw, Virginia

Amanda Groen, Pennsylvania

Erin Haley, Pennsylvania

Joe Harmon, Pennsylvania

Rory Hart, New Jersey

Audi Hecht, New York

Julie Hershenberg, Texas

Anne Hester, Florida

Michelle Higgins, Washington

Robert Hobgood, North Carolina

Marilyn Howard, Ohio

Matt Hubacher, North Carolina

Kimberly Huelsman, Illinois

Kimberly Huffman, Ohio

Aaron Hull, Connecticut

Christopher Hurd, New Jersey

Kevin Jackson, California

Emily Jacobs, Illinois

Jaclyn Jecha, Wisconsin

Jessica Johns, Virginia

Norma Johnson, Maryland

Faye Johnson, New Jersey

Jaci Jones, New Jersey

Chris Jones, Virginia

Alex Kaufmann, New York

Caryn Keller, New Jersey

Chris Kemp, Kansas

David Kendrick, Georgia 

Brian Kennedy, Illinois

David Kenyon, California

Brian Kors, Pennsylvania

Ray Kresge, Pennsylvania

Dedric Lee, Missouri

Judy Lee, New York

Andrew Magis, Illinois

Dr. Michele Mar, Florida

Laurie Marks, Florida

Yulinda Marshall, Louisiana

Michael Martirone, New Jersey

Nancy Marvel, Delaware

Lisa Mayer, New Jersey

Mary T McCullagh, Florida

Michele Medek, Pennsylvania

Justin Mitchell, Kentucky

Amanda Montgomery, Georgia 

Rebekkah Morrow, Oklahoma

Vicente Morua, Florida

Priscilla Mota, Texas

Ron Nash, New Jersey

David Nasser, New York

Michelle Natale, Maryland

Rachel Newman, Pennsylvania

Joshua Tyler Nice, Oregon

Allie Niese, Illinois

Stephanie Norris, Texas

Rob Noteboom, Washington

Lisa Nothstein, Delaware

Steven O'Hara, New Jersey

Kimberly O'Hara Nunez, California

Anne O'Renick, Florida

Kevan Ottochian, New York

Anthony Paletta, Ohio

Matt Pelc, Florida

Erin Peters, California

Amanda Peters, Texas

Daniel Petri, Washington, DC

Drew Pinter, Michigan

Jacqueline Pope Brothers, Oregon

Katherine Rand, California

Dylan Ravdin, New York

Nicole Reale, Florida

Jennifer Reidel, Washington

Juan Resendez, California

Keith Robinson, Ohio

Nathan Salamone, Pennsylvania

Natalie Santana, California

Maria Scandariato, Illinois

Kurt Schmidt, Michigan

Molly Schneider, Ohio

Leigh Ann Schroeder, Iowa 

Sabrina Sears, West Virginia

Kellye Self, Alabama

Kim Sergent, Kentucky

Danielle Seymour, Alabama

Sarah Sherman, Florida

Richard Shock, Maryland

Jonathan Shulman, California

Carolyn Smith, Pennsylvania

Valasta Smith, Texas

Patrick Sprinkle, New York

Meghan Steffanci, New Jersey

Erin Stevenson, Rhode Island

Ed Sugden, California

Clayton Sweeney, Alabama

Michael Swope, Michigan

Erica Talbot, Ohio

Catherine Talento, Texas

Mark Tenhundfeld, Alabama

Julie Thoma-Data, Texas

Cynthia Unmack, California

Claire Vacanti, Arizona

Richard Vanden Bosch, California

Christine Vest, Illinois

Christine Viszoki, New Jersey

Anne Walker, Virginia

Vickie Walsh, California

Don Walters, Idaho 

Barbara Waltsgott, Alabama

James Washburn, New Jersey

Rhonda Watton, Wisconsin

Jennifer Welch, New Jersey

Cody Wells, Pennsylvania

Ryan Werenka, Michigan

Geoff Wickersham, Michigan

Victoria Williams, Florida

Portia Worthy, Illinois

Neal Young, Maine