Student Tours, Workshops, and Themed Programs

Designed for students of all ages, our guided tours, workshops, and shows provide unique ways to learn about the U.S. Constitution, its history, and its impact on the American identity. A museum educator will facilitate your group’s experience as you explore a specific constitutional topic during your visit. Our prgrams engage and entertain your school group using exhibits, artifacts, and innovative, hands-on activities aligned with national and state standards.

Experiences last approximately 2 ½ hours and include the Constitution Center’s signature attractions: Freedom Rising, The Story of We the People, Signers’ Hall, Constituting Liberty.  All programs are subject to availability. 

Group Rates

$14 per person (unless otherwise listed)
For groups of 15 or more; includes museum admission
One free chaperone for every 10 students!

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Constitutional Ambassadors Program

Coming Soon!
Through a day-long intellectual, social, and skills-based educational experience at the National Constitution Center, participants in the Constitutional Ambassadors program will learn the basic principles of the U.S. Available for high school groups beginning September 2019.

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Guided Tours

  • Main Exhibit Tour
    Explore our main exhibit with a member of our education staff for an in-depth look at Signers’ Hall, rare artifacts, and interactive displays.
  • Leadership Tour
    This tour highlights the leadership styles and winning strategies of influential Americans.
  • Bill of Rights Tour
    During this tour of Signers’ Hall and Constituting Liberty, learn about the crafting, creation, and enduring relevance of the Bill of Rights.


  • Interactive Constitution Workshop
    Guided by National Constitution Center educators, your students will discover how to use the Interactive Constitution to explore the U.S. Constitution’s history and modern debates. Available for middle and high school level students, Interactive Constitution Workshop topics include the Structural Constitution, the Bill of Rights, and the Fourth Amendment.
  • History Detectives Workshop
    Students become “history detectives” by using artifacts and other primary-sources to discover what life was like in America during the 1800s and 1900s.
  • Decoding the Document Workshop: The Emancipation Proclamation
    Take a closer look at the museum’s rare printing of the Emancipation Proclamation to learn more about its history; the Civil War; and the background of the 13th, 14th, and 15th Amendments.
  • The American Flag Workshop
    Discover the history and symbolism of the American flag during a flag-etiquette workshop.

Themed Package Programs

  • Bill of Rights (Grades 4-12)
    Take a deep dive into the creation and legacy of the Bill of Rights with a game show and get a close look at the amendments that protect our liberties in the Examining the Bill of Rights workshop.

  • African American History (Grades 4-12)
    The Breaking Barriers show examines the lives of extraordinary African Americans throughout history. Students participate in a guided storytelling adventure as they learn about the experiences of African Americans in the 1700s, 1800s, and 1900s.
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  • Women’s History (Grades 4-12)
    The Women of Power show explores the passage of the 19th Amendment and the changing roles of women in society. During a guided experience, students will gain a new perspective on America through the stories of courageous women who helped expand the definition of “We the People.”
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  • Being an Active Citizen (Grades K-3)
    Young students are empowered by this interactive program, which highlights ways they can be active citizens at home, in school, in their community, and throughout their lives. They will learn about children throughout history who stood up for freedom and changed the country.
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  • Growing Up in America (Grades K-12)
    Students participate in a costume runway show featuring replicas of traditional-style dress from historical periods while learning what home, school, and work were like during those times. Students will then explore the museum’s main exhibit with a guide to learn more about kids in America.
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  • Independence Day (Grades 3-12)
    The Fourth of July show takes an in-depth look at this exciting celebration from America’s founding to the present day. Students will learn about influential citizens who used this holiday as a platform for change during the Independence Day workshop.
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  • Rights and Responsibilities of Citizenship (Grades 4-12) 
    Students will learn about the rights and responsibilities of American citizenship by taking part in an educational workshop and participating in activities that illuminate our freedoms. The Pass the Citizenship Test show is a way for students to discover whether they are carrying on the constitutional legacy of civic action.
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  • Separation of Powers (Grades 4-12)
    This high-energy show teaches students about the three branches of government and how our Constitution limits government by separating power. Students further explore the balance of powers during the Separation of Powers workshop.
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  • The Jury System (Grades 4-12)
    All rise! Throughout this engaging day of activities about America’s judicial system—which includes a guided experience and a show—students act as the judge and the jury, participating in trials as our staff dramatizes landmark cases using popular fairy tales.
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  • The Presidency (Grades 4-12)
    Students will learn about presidential elections and campaign platforms and watch some of the most famous campaign ads of all time. This package includes a presidential workshop examining primary sources and the dynamic Destination White House show.

Judge Chats

FREE with Admission

Federal judges will talk with students and teachers about interpreting the law, and how the Constitution affects everyday life.
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Living News

FREE with Admission

A fast paced, up-close, theatrical performance introducing current and controversial issues.
Available weekdays in the spring.
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