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USA Today: Chief Justice John Roberts’ Impeachment Trial Role: Speak Softly, Set a Good Example

President and CEO Jeffrey Rosen: “Chief Justice Roberts cares more than anything about the nonpartisan, institutional legitimacy of the courts."

January 16, 2020

Chief Justice Roberts Won’t Compel Witnesses to Testify at Trump Impeachment Trial, Legal Expert Says

President and CEO Jeffrey Rosen: “I can’t imagine [Chief Justice Roberts] playing a really substantive role about whether or not to hear witnesses.”

January 14, 2020

MSNBC, Ali Velshi: Chief Justice John Roberts: Americans ‘take democracy for granted’

In his annual year-end report on the federal judiciary, Chief Justice of the United States John Roberts stresses the dangers of misinformation and the importance of judicial independence. Jeffrey Rosen joins to discuss the timely and uncommon warning from Roberts.

January 2, 2020

Education Week: Chief Justice Warns That ‘Civic Education Has Fallen By the Wayside’

U.S. Chief Justice John G. Roberts Jr. focused on civics education in his annual year-end report on the federal judiciary, and also mentioned the education-related work of the National Constitution Center.

December 31, 2019

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