Living News

We know it is often challenging for young people to make a personal connection to the Constitution and its relevance in their lives. That’s why we created Living News—a fast paced, up-close, theatrical performance introducing current and controversial issues to middle and high school students. This dynamic, 25-minute performance incorporates video, contemporary music and current news broadcasts, featuring three actors who bring the action right up to the audience. We also encourage the audience to participate in the story! This program is free with museum admission.

Click below to see a sneak peek of the performance:


Throughout the performance, actors talk directly to the audience and, at times, involve them in the action. Following the performance, the students are invited to offer their opinions, ask questions and share their thoughts. The museum’s education staff guides a dialogue centered around timely constitutional issues such as:

  • Freedom of Speech, Religion, Assembly, and Petition- 1st Amendment
  • Right to Bear Arms- 2nd Amendment
  • Search and Seizure- 4th Amendment
  • Capital Punishment- 8th Amendment
  • Other court cases and current events relevant to students, including NJ vs. TLO

*Topics change regularly to ensure the most up-to-date experience.

For an in-depth analysis of the issues in Living News, check out the Interactive Constitution, a free, online teaching tool that delivers scholarship from top constitutional experts right to your classroom!

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