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In 1787, delegates came from across America to Philadelphia to draft a new Constitution. Today, students come from across the country to the National Constitution Center to learn about the Constitution—and they leave inspired to spread constitutional light to others. They are our Constitutional Ambassadors.

More than just a field trip, the Constitutional Ambassadors experience for high school students begins in the classroom; continues with a daylong educational experience at the Center, including live theater; and follows students back to their classrooms, where they can have real-time conversations on constitutional issues with other classrooms across America through our Classroom Exchanges program.

The Constitutional Ambassadors program is FREE for all students in the Philadelphia area. Transportation included. Register now!

Program Structure

Before the Visit

Before students come to the Center, teachers use the Interactive Constitution: Classroom Edition resources to teach core constitutional concepts to the students. Teaching the Constitution can be a challenge even for those who know it well. The Center offers educators comprehensive training on our Interactive Constitution: Classroom Edition and supporting materials. The Center also hosts a variety of no-cost daylong and multi-day professional development sessions to empower educators with content knowledge and nonpartisan resources.

Visiting the Center

When the students arrive at the Center, they will see rare documents and artifacts, interactive exhibits, and emotionally-powerful live theatrical performances that bring contemporary discussions about the Constitution to life. And they will practice civil constitutional dialogue and debate with their peers.

Your visit includes:

  • Welcome & “Essential Question” - Students are presented with a difficult constitutional question to guide the day’s activities—such as how the Constitution protects free speech—that they explore and discuss throughout the day at the Center.
  • Interactive Constitution Workshop - Center educators take a deep dive into a specific constitutional provision to teach students how to learn about constitutional issues, critically examine primary sources, and distinguish their personal views from what the Constitution requires and forbids.
  • Guided Exploration of the Exhibits - Students explore the Center’s exhibits and attend the Center’s live theatrical performances to reinforce core constitutional concepts and dive more deeply into the day’s Essential Question.
  • Student Town Hall - Students reconvene to meet a constitutional expert—such as a state or federal judge, legal scholar, or practicing lawyer—who leads the students in a comprehensive discussion about the day’s Essential Question.
  • Peer Exchange - The day ends with students talking with and teaching each other about what they have learned about the day’s Essential Question. They practice civil dialogue and active listening skills while discussing and debating constitutional issues.

After the Visit

After students leave the National Constitution Center, our team of educators will follow up with teachers to support continued classroom discussion, and to invite the students to participate in virtual Classroom Exchanges on constitutional issues with a paired classroom, serving as Constitutional Ambassadors and modeling civil dialogue for peers around the country.

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For questions about the Constitutional Ambassadors program, professional development opportunities, or Classroom Exchanges, email [email protected].

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Book Your Experience

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Scholarship Opportunities

Scholarship Opportunities

Scholarships for program and transportation are available. Find out if your classroom qualifies!

Support This Program

Support This Program

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Professional Development for Educators

In conjunction with the Constitutional Ambassadors program, the National Constitution Center will offer educators comprehensive training on the Interactive Constitution and supporting materials. The Center will host daylong professional development sessions for educators, which will include exhibit tours, modeled classroom activities, and training in civil dialogue techniques, totaling four reportable hours of professional development which the Center will submit for Act 48 reporting.

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