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Fifth Amendment

Hugo Black, unabashed partisan for the Constitution

August 12, 2019 By Nicandro Iannacci

On August 12, 1937, President Franklin D. Roosevelt nominated then-Senator Hugo Black of Alabama to the Supreme Court.

Recalling the Supreme Court’s historic statement on contraception and privacy

June 7, 2019 By Nicandro Iannacci

It was on this day in 1965 that the Supreme Court ruled in a landmark case about contraception use by married couples that laid the groundwork for a constitutional “right to privacy” in the United States.

Major rulings on gay and transgender rights coming

April 22, 2019 By Lyle Denniston

The Supreme Court on Monday agreed to settle the meaning of a 1964 civil rights law that bans discrimination in the workplace based on sex – and, specifically, whether that law protects workers who are gay or lesbian, and those who are transgender.

The debate over emergency powers and the border wall

January 8, 2019 By Scott Bomboy

President Donald Trump’s statement that he is considering using emergency presidential powers to build a border wall has reignited an old scholarly debate.

CNN gets temporary due process ruling in Trump case

November 16, 2018 By Scott Bomboy

A federal judge granted a temporary restraining order on Friday allowing CNN reporter Jim Acosta to regain his White House press pass, pending a later ruling about broader constitutional issues in the case.

Pinky the Dog gets her day at Iowa’s Supreme Court

October 19, 2018 By Scott Bomboy

A dispute about a dog that bit a cat is now at Iowa’s Supreme Court and it addresses an important question about how municipalities can regulate dog breeds deemed as dangerous.

The pardon of Jefferson Davis and the 14th Amendment

October 17, 2018 By NCC Staff

On this day in 1978, President Jimmy Carter officially restored the full citizenship rights of former Confederate president Jefferson Davis, signing an act from Congress that ended a century-long dispute.

Looking ahead: Cases for the Supreme Court’s next term

August 20, 2018 By Scott Bomboy

Coming up in October, the Supreme Court starts a new term and hears new cases. Here’s a quick look at three cases the Justices will consider during their first week of arguments.

Supreme Court decides against Double Jeopardy appeal

June 22, 2018 By Scott Bomboy

On Friday morning, the Supreme Court decided against a Virginia man’s claim that he faced double jeopardy because he faced multiple trials related to one incident.

Presidential subpoenas: An unsettled matter?

May 3, 2018 By Scott Bomboy

The idea of a possible presidential subpoena is in the news again, bringing back a question that’s been debated for months. To what extent does a President have to respond to a subpoena request?

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