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Women and the Civil War: The Untold Stories

July 16, 2019

Earlier this summer, the National Constitution Center hosted a conversation about the untold stories of women abolitionists, suffragists, and even soldiers during the Civil War. NCC Senior Director of Content Lana Ulrich sat down with noted historians Thavolia Glymph of Duke University,  Kate Masur of Northwestern University, and Catherine Clinton of the University of Texas in San Antonio. These scholars told fascinating stories from the lives of women like Harriet Scott, Ida B. Wells, and Harriet Tubman. 

This event celebrated our new exhibit ‘Civil War and Reconstruction: the Battle for Freedom and Equality’ which Glymph and Masur helped produce as members of our exhibit's advisory board. 
This conversation was presented in partnership with Drexel University's national women's equality initiative, Vision 2020.

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