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19th Amendment

Remember the ladies

March 30, 2012 By Donald Applestein Esq.

As we remember Abigail Adams’ prescient observations and conclude the celebration of Women’s History Month, we can also “remember the ladies” who contributed to the revolutionary cause. Here’s a look at some of them.

Equality: are we there yet?

March 28, 2012 By Catherine Ormerod

While the Supreme Court was hearing history-making arguments on the Affordable Care Act, delegates and supporters of Vision 2020 made organizational history in Washington as 150 women and men attended a White House briefing Tuesday on domestic policy issues.

A quick history of women's suffrage, or why we should thank our foremothers today

August 18, 2011 By Paige Scofield

Ninety-one years ago today the “we” in “We the People” became a whole lot bigger

Listen to your mother (there will be a women's suffrage quiz)

August 18, 2011 By Jenna Winterle Kehres

The 19th Amendment, granting women suffrage throughout America, was ratified August 18, 1920. Take our quiz to commemorate the anniversary.

6 ways to celebrate Women's History Month at the Center

March 2, 2011 By NCC Staff

This self-guided tour explores the struggles American women have had to gain equality as citizens. Look for the Women’s History Month stickers highlighting the following artifacts and displays throughout our exhibits.

Midterms could affect Senate gender balance

October 22, 2010 By Mary Walton

Ninety years ago, exercising their rights for the first time under the Nineteenth Amendment, newly enfranchised females, too, planned to send a signal to politicians. But things haven’t turned out quite the way they hoped.

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