At a time when debate about the Constitution is part of America’s daily conversation, the National Constitution Center plays a unique role in elevating civil discourse and expanding civic literacy. Our educational content is free of politics, ideologically balanced, and grounded in the best constitutional scholarship from diverse perspectives. This content has made the National Constitution Center America’s most trusted resource for constitutional education.

Support from our Members and Donors helps us bring together people of different perspectives at the Center, in communities and classrooms across the country, and on all media platforms to learn about, debate, and listen respectfully to constitutional arguments on all sides.

Your gift supports our interactive exhibits and constitutional education programs for all ages including:

THE INTERACTIVE CONSTITUTION a free online tool that delivers scholarship from top constitutional experts right to your computer or mobile device. It allows users to explore the history behind each article, section, and amendment of the U.S. Constitution up to the present day. The interpretations from scholars from across the legal and philosophical spectrum help learners of all ages to have informed, respectful, up-to-date discussion and debate about the U.S. Constitution.

THE CONSTITUTIONAL AMBASSADORS PROGRAM inspires students to spread the constitutional light to others through an immersive experience that begins in the classroom before the students visit the Center; continues with a day-long onsite educational experience, including live theater, workshops, and civic dialogue around big constitutional questions; and follows students back to their classrooms, where they can connect with other classrooms across America for crucial conversations using our virtual Classroom Exchanges.

YOUNG CITIZENS SCHOLARSHIP PROGRAM provides free or reduced admission and transportation for under-resourced schools. Through this scholarship program, more than 10,000 students every year from the Delaware Valley and across the country are able to visit the National Constitution Center.

AMERICA’S TOWN HALL unites thought leaders from across the ideological spectrum for live debates, panel discussions, book talks, and our acclaimed We the People podcasts on the constitutional issues at the center of American life.

POLICING IN A MORE PERFECT UNION trains police recruits and in-service officers on the rights and responsibilities enumerated in the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. The training includes a session that brings together police and high school students for candid conversation on policing, the Constitution, and police-community relations.

Become a Member or make your gift today to support conversation that is always rigorous- yet always respectful- about the Constitution and its impact on our lives.

For more information on membership and giving opportunities including matching gifts, stock gifts, and planned gifts, view our Ways to Give guide or contact Rebecca Bolden, Senior Director of Development at 215-409-6741 or [email protected].

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