Scout Day FAQ

Can you tell me more about how the day is structured?  What can I expect?

At the National Constitution Center’s Scout Days, scouts and their leaders will participate in a wide variety of activities throughout the museum. Activities include both independent museum exploration as well as games and workshops lead by our staff. Most activities last about a half hour.

Every group will receive a customized agenda, which will serve as their “cheat sheet” for the day.  All scouts also receive Scout Day Activity Packets, designed to guide them through their experience and ensure they are accomplishing all of their badge requirements while they are here. 

The customized agendas will list the times and locations of each activity, the page in the Scout Day Activity Packet that each activity corresponds with, and the badge requirements the scouts will be accomplishing.

Parents and troop/pack leaders are responsible for guiding the scouts from one activity to another.

The program does include a National Constitution Center Scout Day Fun Patch for each scout.

How do I make a Scout Day reservation?

Scout Day reservations are handled by our Group Sales Department.  Call 215-409-6800 to speak to an Associate.

Do I need to make a reservation, or can purchase tickets on the day of the event?

Advanced reservations are strongly recommended.  Our Scout Days occasionally sell out, so making an advanced reservation is the only way to guarantee your group has a spot. It will also allow us to prepare an agenda for you in advance, which will simplify your check-in process.  

My child’s scout troop/pack is not planning on attending Scout Day, but he/she wants to participate.  Can I book tickets for just my family?

Of course!  We book “groups” as small as one scout and one adult.  All Scout Day reservations are handled by the Group Sales Department.   Call 215-409-6800 to speak to an Associate.

My child is already attending Scout Day as part of a group, but I would like to attend as well.  Can I purchase one adult ticket?

We do not sell individual adult tickets to Scout Days.  Please contact your child’s group leader and ask them to add you to the main reservation. 

What are the differences between the Scout Day Activity Packets the NCC provides, and the Merit Badge Worksheets (or similar documents) provided by the scouting organizations?

The activities in our packets directly reflect the badge, adventure, and journey requirements outlined by the BSA and GSUSA.  We have simply tailored some of the wording to more clearly communicate how the NCC’s exhibits and programs align with those requirements.  We have not altered the fundamentals of the requirements in any way.  

Do we need to bring anything?

Please bring pens or pencils so scouts can fill out their activity packets.  We also encourage group leaders to print extra copies of their agendas for every chaperone. 

Is there a dress code?

No, the NCC does not require scouts to wear any particular uniform.  We leave all decisions regarding attire to the discretion of the parents and scout leaders.  Most scouts do wear their uniforms, neckerchiefs, sashes, or vests, but some groups choose to wear matching tee-shirts, etc.  Others chose to attend in “civvies.”

Do scouts need to be accompanied by an adult, or can they attend by themselves?

Scout must be accompanied by an adult chaperone at all times.  Due to the nature of our event (described above) chaperones should be prepared to take an active role on Scout Day.  We require one chaperone for every ten scouts. 

We are not able to arrive by 8 a.m./stay until 3 p.m.  Can we still attend?

Yes!  We can customize your group’s agenda to accommodate your schedule.  We do recommend that you plan on spending at least 4-5 hours at the museum; otherwise it may be difficult to accomplish all of the activities offered.

Do you have Merit Badge Counselors on-site?
Scouts BSA Only

Yes, after they have participated in the day’s activities, scouts have the option of meeting with a National Constitution Center Merit Badge Counselor, who can recap the programs and sign Blue Cards. However, you should be aware that we have a limited number of counselors and there may be an extensive wait.  More information about the Merit Badge counseling process can be found here.

Do you provide Merit Badge Applications (commonly known as “Blue Cards”)?
Scouts BSA Only

No, we do not provide Blue Cards. 

Our Scout has already completed all of the requirements for a badge, and just needs to meet with a Merit Badge Counselor—can he meet with someone earlier then 1pm?
Scouts BSA Only

It is not possible to meet with a counselor before 1pm.  Most of our counselors are members of our education staff, and will be busy presenting other Scout Day programs in the morning.  Scouts arriving in the morning are encouraged to participate in the programs, even if they have already completed requirements—the experience will still be worthwhile!

Do you provide the BSA/GSUSA badges?

No, we do not provide the badges, just the opportunity to work on requirements.  You will need to obtain badges through your troop or local counsel.  The program does include a National Constitution Center Scout Day Fun Patch for each scout, which will be distributed at the check-in table.

Can groups from other scouting organization, like the Baden Powell Service Association or the Frontier Girls, attend your Scout Days?

Yes!  While the days are designed to meet requirements outlined by the Boy Scouts of America and the Girl Scouts of the U.S.A., we also welcome groups from other organizations.  We are happy to work with these groups on a case-by-case basis to create a customized, worthwhile experience for their scouts.  Ask your Group Sales Associates to connect you to a member of the NCC Education team to discuss the possibilities. 

How do I get to the National Constitution Center?  Where can I park? Are there any discounts on parking?

Directions and parking information can be found on our website:  There are no discounts on parking.

What are my lunch options at the NCC?

Lunch is not included with the Scout Day program, however we offer several options for groups who wish to eat lunch while at our facility:

  • We are able to store bagged lunches for you while you are at the museum.
    • Groups can reserve a slot to eat bagged lunches in our School Lunch Room.  Ask your Group Sales Associate for more information. 
    • You can also plan to eat bagged lunches outdoors—there are several spots in Independence National Historical Park to picnic, including the NCC’s front lawn.
  • You can purchase lunch at one of our on-site restaurants, Delegates Café, or Starbucks.  
  • You can order boxed lunches through Brûlée Catering.  Ask your Group Sales Associate for more information

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