National Constitution Center Accessibility Policy

The National Constitution Center is committed to making its facilities, exhibits, and programs accessible for all audiences.

The National Constitution Center is committed to making its facilities, exhibits, and programs accessible for all audiences.

To allow us to better serve you, please notify the National Constitution Center of any special needs you or a member of your group may have when making your reservation at 215-409-6700.

Assistive Listening Systems

Assistive listening systems are available for the National Constitution Center’s Town Hall programs located in the F.M. Kirby Auditorium and the Sidney Kimmel Theater free of charge. Advance notice is not required; simply notify an usher when you arrive. Supplies are limited.

Opened Captioning

Opened captioning or printed scripts are provided for a majority of the videos, audio soundtracks, and interactive displays throughout the Constitution Center’s exhibits.

Sign Language Interpretation

The National Constitution Center provides sign language interpretation free of charge for visitors to the museum and Town Hall programs. Print materials can also be provided in advance to interpreters accompanying individuals or groups.

For individuals, arrangements must be made at least five days in advance of your visit. To make a reservation, please call 215-409-6700 or contact Kristina Marinello, director of visitor experience, at 215-409-6678 or [email protected]. For groups of 15 or more, arrangements must be made at least two weeks in advance of your visit. Please call 215-409-6800 or email [email protected].

Freedom Rising Captioning

Individual handheld iPod Touch captioning devices are available to provide captioning for and audio descriptions of performances in the Sidney Kimmel Theatre, which hosts Freedom Rising. To secure a device, please notify the admissions desk when you arrive and they will assist you. Supplies are limited.

Large Print and Braille

Large print scripts are available for Freedom Rising and Living News performances for use at the Center. Large print versions of the Constitution and a Braille copy of the Constitution are also available at the admissions desk for visitors during their visit to the Center. Supplies are limited.


Designated spaces are available in the National Constitution Center parking garage for visitors with disabilities. The garage entrance is located on Race Street between 5th and 6th Streets. Fees apply.

Personal Care Attendants

Personal Care Attendants of visitors with disabilities are admitted to the National Constitution Center free of charge. This applies to all ticketed events, Town Hall programs, and performances that the visitor is attending.

Visitors who wish to purchase advance tickets should contact 215-409-6700 to request complimentary tickets for an accompanying Personal Care Attendant. For visitors in groups of 15 or more, please call 215-409-6800 or email [email protected].

Service Animals

Service animals are welcome in the building.

Wheelchair Accessibility

All National Constitution Center entrances and public spaces are accessible to wheelchair users. Elevators are located throughout the building. Wheelchairs for use within the Constitution Center are available free of charge on a first-come, first-served basis at the Information Desk.


Accessible restrooms are located on the first floor behind the main staircase and on the second floor in the F.M. Kirby Auditorium lobby. Single/family/gender neutral restrooms are also available on the first floor.

Sensory-Friendly Days

On select dates throughout the year, the National Constitution Center offers Sensory-Friendly Days to create an accessible learning experience for people of all abilities and their families and to provide visitors with sensory processing challenges the opportunity to experience the museum in a secure and comfortable environment. Sensory-Friendly Days incorporate modified programming, specialized staff training, and emotionally safe spaces for families—including a room with a variety of sensory objects for visitors to use, comfortable seating, and cool blue lighting that creates a calming atmosphere. Free, pre-visit guides are available for the general museum experience as well as the Freedom Rising show.

Dependent upon availability, sensory-friendly rooms can also be requested for non-scheduled Sensory-Friendly Days.

Questions and requests for more information can be directed to Kristina Marinello, director of visitor experience, at [email protected].

Sensory-Friendly Days for 2020 include January 13, February 3, February 23, February 24, March 9, June 7, September 6, and December 6.

The National Constitution Center is a partner with the ACCESS Admission Program, through Art-Reach.

Code of Conduct

In an effort to provide an enjoyable and safe environment for all guests and employees, all guests and employees in attendance are expected to conduct themselves in a manner that respects others and does not bully, endanger, discriminate against, or harass anyone partaking in or attending NCC programs or events. The NCC does not tolerate discrimination or harassment in any form.

The National Constitution Center reserves the right to remove and/or refuse entry to anyone who fails to abide by the NCC’s rules and policies. This includes, but is not limited to, anyone who disrupts or threatens to disrupt a program or other guests’ ability to experience the program, or harasses another guests or NCC employee.

All determinations are at the sole discretion of the NCC. A breach of the Code of Conduct may result in suspension from future America’s Town Hall programs, membership, or other NCC programs or events. Individuals expelled due to violating the Code of Conduct will not be eligible for a refund or other consolation.                                                       

Reporting: If you or someone else is being discriminated against or harassed at an NCC program or event, please report it as soon as possible. You can make a report in person to NCC staff, online, or by phone. Reporting may also be anonymous.

On-site and during business hours at the NCC, please see the Information Desk or any NCC staff member for assistance. Outside of business hours, please contact [email protected] or Tanaya Tauber, director of town hall programs, at 215-409-6716. If you need immediate emergency assistance, please contact 911.               

This Code of Conduct applies to all NCC events, including events hosted at the NCC and NCC sponsored events hosted off-site. 

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