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  • Wednesday • November 28, 2018

The Constitution in Crisis: What Would the Founders Say?

Join Jeffrey Goldberg, editor of The Atlantic, and Jeffrey Rosen, president and CEO of the National Constitution Center and contributing editor at The Atlantic, for a national symposium with America’s thought leaders on what James Madison would make of American democracy today and how to resurrect Madison’s vision of a republic ruled by reason rather than passion. 

This event was presented in partnership with The Atlantic and generously sponsored by the John Templeton Foundation and The William and Flora Hewlett Foundation.

Panel 1: Madison, the Media, and the Mob

Jonah Goldberg, Senior Editor of the National Review

Michelle Goldberg, Op-Ed Columnist for the New York Times

Jeffrey Goldberg, Editor-in-Chief of The Atlantic


Polarization in Congress

Daniel Stid, Director of the Madison Initiative at the William and Flora Hewlett Foundation


Panel 2: The Senate and the Constitution

Chris Coons, U.S. Senator from Delaware


Drowning in Digital Pollution         

 Sam Gill, Vice President of Communities and Impact for the Knight Foundation 


Panel 3: What Would Madison Think of Democracy Today?

Larry Kramer, President of The William and Flora Hewlett Foundation and Lecturer in Law at

Stanford Law School

Colleen Sheehan, Professor of Political Science at Villanova University

Greg Weiner, Assistant Professor of Political Science at Assumption College

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