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Ninth Amendment

Trial by combat, Game of Thrones and our Constitution

August 12, 2015 By Scott Bomboy

A New York attorney’s request for a physical fight over a legal claim raises a few archaic legal arguments over the long-dormant practice of a trial by combat.

Ninth Amendment: Non-Enumerated Rights Retained by People

February 9, 2014 By NCC Staff

The Ninth Amendment is a constitutional safety net intended to make clear that individuals have other fundamental rights, in addition to those listed in the First through Eighth Amendments.

Ninth Amendment: Non-Enumerated Rights Retained by People

December 16, 2013 By NCC Staff

Failure of the Constitution to mention a specific right does not mean that the government can abridge that right, but its protection has to be found elsewhere.

I move the previous question: The final days of the filibuster

November 25, 2013 By David W. Wise

In the commentary, David W. Wise argues that the Senate filibuster, in all its forms, is unconstitutional.

Freedom-protecting judges: “Mullahs of the West”?

August 12, 2013 By Clark Neily

In this commentary, Clark Neily from the Institute For Justice argues that Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia is off base in his claims that judges who want an active role in protecting individual liberty are authoritarian arbiters of morality.

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