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Trump team asks Justices to scuttle immigration cases

August 12, 2017 By Lyle Denniston

The Trump Administration, insisting that the presidential order limiting entry to the U.S. of foreign nationals from Mideast nations “is not a so-called ‘Muslim ban,’” has urged the Supreme Court to throw out without a decision two major cases pursued by challengers to the restrictions.

Trump immigration fight back to Supreme Court again?

August 10, 2017 By Lyle Denniston

The Trump Administration’s legal team indicated on Wednesday that it will take the heated controversy over immigration back to the Supreme Court if government power to exclude foreign nationals is not restored shortly by a federal appeals court.

New violations of Supreme Court immigration ruling claimed

July 13, 2017 By Lyle Denniston

Lawyers for the state of Hawaii and other challengers to the way the Trump Administration is limiting immigration of foreign nationals and refugees leveled new charges of illegal government action in a filing with a federal judge Wednesday night.

Stage is set for court to act on immigration fight

June 21, 2017 By Lyle Denniston

Setting the stage for the Supreme Court to make up its mind quickly about President Trump’s controversial curb on immigration, Administration lawyers submitted their final written arguments at midday Wednesday.

Government wipes out major Obama immigration order

June 16, 2017 By Lyle Denniston

The Trump administration late Thursday gave itself permission to deport more than 4 million undocumented immigrants, the parents of children who are U.S. citizens or have a legal right to permanently stay in the country.

President acts to keep immigration order alive

June 14, 2017 By Lyle Denniston

President Trump moved on Wednesday to keep his restrictions on immigration in operation, if the Supreme Court now allows government officials to start enforcing those limits.

Timing gets tighter on immigration review

June 14, 2017 By Lyle Denniston

The Supreme Court on Tuesday afternoon ordered a new round of legal briefs in the controversy over President Trump’s executive order seeking to impose new immigration restrictions, giving itself the option of considering on June 22 what to do with the two cases before it.

Tight timeline for Supreme Court to rule on immigration order

May 26, 2017 By Lyle Denniston

The Supreme Court will have to move with unusual speed if it is to promptly settle the constitutional dispute over President Trump’s temporary ban on entry into the U.S. of foreign nationals of six Mideast nations with Muslim majorities. 

Did Trump administration concede a key sanctuary city point?

May 23, 2017 By Scott Bomboy

The Justice Department wants a federal judge to drop or amend an injunction against President Trump’s sanctuary city executive order, and Attorney General Jeff Sessions has made a key change to lessen the policy’s potential impact on states, counties and cities.

Trump lawyers miss key court deadline in immigration case

May 22, 2017 By Lyle Denniston

Lawyers for the Trump Administration have missed a court-ordered deadline for turning over a document that gave President Trump a way to justify his immigration restrictions without aiming them specifically at Muslims.

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