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Supreme Court Scorecard: The Spring 2018 Edition (Updated 5/18/2018)

May 18, 2018 By NCC Staff

Here is an update on 12 significant decisions that were expected to be handed down from the Supreme Court into late June.

Plessy’s place in the list of worst Supreme Court decisions

May 18, 2018 By NCC Staff

On May 18, 1896, the Supreme Court’s Plessy v. Ferguson decision upheld the legality of racial segregation in America. Plessy was later overturned, and it holds a controversial place in the Court’s legacy.

Podcast: The Iran nuclear deal under Trump

May 17, 2018 By NCC Staff

Jeffrey Rosen talks with Jamil Jaffer and Jake Sullivan about President Trump’s recent withdrawal from the Iran nuclear deal, the treaty power, and related constitutional issues.

A new test of the Roe v. Wade decision

May 17, 2018 By Lyle Denniston

A new lawsuit in defense of women’s right to an abortion landed in a state trial court in Iowa this week, and everyone involved already has a good idea of how it will come out in Iowa’s courts. But what counts more is what happens to the case if it reaches the U.S. Supreme Court.

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