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Smart conversation from the National Constitution Center

Robert Gates pointed a prophet’s finger at all of us

September 26, 2011 By Dr. Steve Frank

At the National Constitution Center last week, Robert Gates struck a nerve.

The difference between “not guilty” and “innocent”

July 14, 2011 By Dr. Steve Frank

As a country, we have long argued over constitutional safeguards for criminal defendants, and we will continue to do so long after Casey Anthony is forgotten.

The Fog of the War Powers Act: Why We Should Embrace the Constitution's Ambiguity

June 16, 2011 By Dr. Steve Frank

The Libya back-and-forth is the latest skirmish in a decades-long struggle between Congress and the president.

The PATRIOT Act and the wrongfully accused

June 7, 2011 By Dr. Steve Frank

For example, the case of Brandon Mayfield, a law-abiding citizen from Oregon who was linked by shoddy FBI lab work to the 2004 Madrid train bombings and was jailed until Spanish authorities identified the real terrorists.

Banning Violent Video Games: Free Speech Violation or Smart Legislation?

June 3, 2011 By Dr. Steve Frank

With its summer recess looming, one of the most highly anticipated decisions of the Supreme Court’s term will be handed down this month.

Top 10 constitutional questions to answer before the world ends

May 24, 2011 By Dr. Steve Frank

Just in case the world ends during the next doomsday we created a bucket list of 10 constitutional questions we wish we would settle before Judgment Day.

Redistricting, Gerrymandering and the Constitution

May 19, 2011 By Dr. Steve Frank

As you probably learned in school, redistricting occurs every 10 years as congressional boundaries are redrawn after the Census. What you may have forgotten is that it’s required by the Constitution.

The history of our National Day of Prayer

May 12, 2011 By Dr. Steve Frank

The National Day of Prayer has been observed by every president since Truman. But is it constitutional?

9/10/2001 was my first day of work at the National Constitution Center

May 3, 2011 By Dr. Steve Frank

After 9/11 our country came together. Can we do it again?

A lesson in moderation: Should guns be allowed on campus?

April 27, 2011 By Dr. Steve Frank

It can't be the water. So it must be the sun's glare on the parched landscape that helps Arizona illuminate our country's most contentious debates - immigration, health care, abortion, and more.

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