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Trump team asks Justices to rule quickly on race issue on census

June 21, 2019 By Lyle Denniston

Moving to keep in check the troubling new race bias issue that could affect the 2020 census, the Trump Administration asked the Supreme Court on Thursday to deal with that question in an imminent ruling about the next population count.

When the Supreme Court ruled to allow American flag burning

June 21, 2019 By NCC Staff

On June 21, 1989, a deeply divided United States Supreme Court upheld the rights of protesters to burn the American flag in a landmark First Amendment decision.

The day the Constitution was ratified

June 21, 2019 By NCC Staff

On June 21, 1788, New Hampshire became the ninth and final state needed to ratify the Constitution.

Supreme Court allows more religious symbols

June 20, 2019 By Lyle Denniston

A widely-splintered Supreme Court, speaking through a variety of separate opinions, on Thursday agreed to allow governments at all levels to keep long-standing religious monuments on public property. More broadly, several of the Justices strongly implied that the day may soon come when the Constitution’s ban on government “establishment of religion” will be relaxed further.

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