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As America’s forum for constitutional dialogue, the National Constitution Center is a leader in tracking public opinion on constitutional and political issues and in providing insights on the state of civic engagement.


Annual AP-National Constitution Center Poll

The National Constitution Center, in partnership with the Associated Press, releases an annual poll in advance of Constitution Day (September 17) that tracks public opinion on constitutional issues. To date, the 2012 poll has been featured in more than 100 news stories, reaching over 11 million people.

2012 Press Release
2012 Complete Poll Results
2012 Poll Results: Privacy

2011 Press Release
2011 Complete Poll Results

2010 Press Release
2010 Complete Poll Results

2009 Press Release
2009 Complete Poll Results

2008 Press Release
2008 Complete Poll Results

PennCORD Survey

2006 PennCORD Survey Press Release

National Survey: More Teens Can Name Three Stooges than Name Three Branches of Government

1998 Survey Press Release


Pennsylvania Civic Health Index

The Pennsylvania Civic Health Index provides a measure of civic habits such as voting, volunteering, community connectedness, and many other indicators, which can collectively capture different levels of participation in our democracy. This report is jointly produced by the National Conference on Citizenship, the National Constitution Center, and the Center for Democratic Deliberation at the Pennsylvania State University.

2011 Press Release
2011 Pennsylvania Civic Health Index

2010 Press Release
2010 Pennsylvania Civic Health Index

Constitutional Spotlight Series

The National Constitution Center’s Constitutional Spotlight Series provides context for current constitutional issues and provokes civic dialogue by presenting contrasting essays by leading scholars.

NCC Annual Reports

The National Constitution Center’s annual report provides financial information, recognizes supporters and partners, and highlights the Center’s successes and milestones in its efforts to illuminate constitutional ideals and inspire active citizenship.

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