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1996 Liberty Medal Recipients

"King Hussein and Prime Minister Peres have played extraordinary roles, over many years, in pursuing peace and liberty in the Middle East. The 1994 accord between Jordan and Israel is remarkable because it goes beyond the cessation of belligerency and focuses on the normalization of relations. It is a model for the Middle East and a stimulus for the world."
Liberty Medal International Selection Commission



"I am proud to say that our model for peace takes into account the different facts of life, segments of societies and sectors of the economies to form the basis of regional economic cooperation….I am confident that the continuous commitment of all the concerned parties in the peace process, together with the noble efforts of the United States of America, will enable the Middle East to realize long sought comprehensive peace and stability." ...more

King Hussein of Jordon
Liberty Medal acceptance message, July 4, 1996


"The struggle for liberty is still the most urgent priority of our times. Liberty from oppression, liberty from violence, liberty from evil, liberty from discrimination, liberty from poverty, liberty from ignorance, liberty from the fear of liberty, liberty from any restriction that does not conflict with the liberty of others. Liberty is not a neutral concept. It is a declaration of war against the base instincts not only in the hearts of others, but in our own hearts as well."...more

Prime Minister Shimon Peres
Liberty Medal acceptance speech, July 4, 1996

King Hussein & Shimon Peres Biographical Video