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1993 Liberty Medal Recipients

"The Liberty Medal’s International Selection Commission had America’s founder in mind in selecting this year’s awardees F. W. de Klerk and Nelson Mandela, for their enormous courage, integrity, forbearance, sense of justice and devotion to freedom and consensus for the common good. Once again, a 'new order of the age' is being forged and we are privileged to be beholders."

Liberty Medal International Selection Commission



"Let The Liberty Medal serve as the lodestar which guides us, as South Africans, as we march to freedom. Let it be our pledge to you that we shall seize on the eternal principles of justice, liberty and peace, and set an example in their defense. Let it be the seal of an unbreakable treaty of friendship between our peoples which will be durable because it responded to the clarion call which Frederick Douglass made, because it respected the memory of those who have perished through the ages in quest for liberty." ...more

Nelson Mandela
Liberty Medal acceptance speech, July 4, 1993


"A new nation is being born. We are laying the firm foundation of mutual respect…We are making peace…We need – in the words of my co-recipient Dr. Mandela – to throw our weapons into the sea…In accepting this, I do not do so on my own behalf…but on behalf of all South Africans – supporters and opponents alike – who hunger for peace, reconciliation and freedom which are symbolized in this ceremony." ...more

F. W. de Klerk
Liberty Medal acceptance speech, July 4, 1993