Business EITC Contributions

New Guidelines for the EITC Program 2016

  • Businesses apply online—it’s easy!
  • Businesses submit renewal applications on May 16, 2016—businesses that are new to the EITC program submit an application online on July 1, 2016.
  • Businesses can pass through tax credits—partnership and limited liability businesses can pass-through tax credits to individual partners.
  • Total tax credits increased—PA funding for EITC tax credits was increased to $100 million last year!
  • Tax credits limit increased—an individual business can apply for up to $750,000 in tax credits.

The National Constitution Center, the Pennsylvania Educational Improvement Tax Credit program, and you: Reduce your business’s tax liability by up to 90 percent of the value of your donation!

The Pennsylvania Educational Improvement Tax Credit Program (EITC) is administered by the Department of Community and Economic Development. Tax credits for up to 90 percent of the contribution amount can be awarded to operating businesses that make contributions to the National Constitution Center’s educational improvement programs that provide civic literacy and citizen engagement programs to underserved Philadelphia students.

The Constitution Center’s youth-based programs bring the story of “We the People” to life for students of all grade levels through immersive experiences, innovative programs, standards-based lesson plans, and other resources that align with school curricula. Our Young Citizens Scholarship and Traveling History & Civics programs make it possible for students from underserved communities and financially disadvantaged school districts to visit the National Constitution Center to participate in the programs and exhibits at the Museum of We the People and to participate in onsite interactive programming at their schools.

Young Citizens Scholarship Program

More than 8,000 underserved K–12 students visited the  National Constitution Center last year through the Young Citizens Scholarship Program. The museum’s active outreach efforts seek to ensure that financial considerations are not a barrier to participating in our programs. Significant organizational resources are devoted to outreach and program development for teachers and students in grades K–12, and the museum works closely with schools, districts, and educational organizations throughout the region to ensure that the students’ experiences with the museum’s programs are connected to their classroom curriculum.

The Young Citizens Scholarship Program funds group visits to the National Constitution Center from Title I schools—schools identified by the federal government as serving high concentrations of families in poverty and students at risk. Scholarships make it possible for students at underserved schools to participate in the programs and exhibits at the museum—such as the live, multimedia theatrical performances Freedom Rising and Living News—as well as providing bus transportation from their schools to the Constitution Center.

Traveling History & Civics Program

The Traveling History & Civics Program last year brought the National Constitution Center’s interactive civic education directly into classrooms and school auditoriums for almost 10,000 underserved students at local Title I schools. Designed to educate and excite K–12 students about history and encourage active participation in their community and government, the program uses historical artifacts, costumes, engaging activities, and the Constitution Center’s experienced and knowledgeable educators to bring American history, government, and civics to life.

Traveling History & Civics experiences include a 45- to 60-minute hands-on presentation, pre- and post-visit materials, and handouts. The museum offers a range of programs adapted for different grade levels, such as the Breaking Barriers show, in which students embark on an interactive history adventure as they learn about the lives and legacies of African Americans who broke the color barrier in literature, entertainment, government, and other fields.

For more information about supporting the National Constitution Center’s mission of illuminating constitutional ideals and inspiring active citizenship with a Pennsylvania EITC-eligible gift. please contact:

Andy Davis
Director of Corporate Relations
(215) 409-6619
[email protected]


More information: PA Education Improvement Tax Credit (EITC) Business Guidelines

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