Paul C. Rosier

Paul C. Rosier received his Ph.D. in American history from the University of Rochester in 1998. Dr. Rosier currently serves as associate professor of history at Villanova University, where he teaches Native American history, American environmental history, global environmental justice movements, history of American capitalism, world history, global environmental history, and sustainability studies.

In 2001, the University of Nebraska Press published Dr. Rosier’s first book, Rebirth of the Blackfeet Nation, 1912-1954. In 2003, Greenwood Press published Native American Issues as part of its Contemporary Ethnic American Issues series. In 2006, Dr. Rosier co-edited an international volume titled Echoes from the Poisoned Well: Global Memories of Environmental Injustice. In 2009, Harvard University Press published Serving Their Country: American Indian Politics and Patriotism in the Twentieth Century, which won the 2010 American Indian National Book Award. Dr. Rosier has also published articles in the Journal of American Ethnic History and The Journal of American History.

Native American History
Global and American Environmental History
Global Environmental Justice Movements
History of American Capitalism
World History
20th-Century American History

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