Matthew Pinsker

Matthew Pinsker holds the Brian Pohanka Chair of Civil War History at Dickinson College. He also serves as co-director of Dickinson’s House Divided Project, an innovative effort to build digital resources on the Civil War era. Dr. Pinsker graduated from Harvard College and received a D.Phil. degree in modern history from the University of Oxford. He is the author of two books: Abraham Lincoln, a volume in the American Presidents Reference Series from Congressional Quarterly Press; and Lincoln’s Sanctuary: Abraham Lincoln and the Soldiers’ Home. Dr. Pinsker also has published widely in the history of American politics, contributing to the Journal of American History and several other academic journals as well as to newspapers such as the Los Angeles Times and Philadelphia Inquirer. In 2006, he was a visiting scholar at the National Constitution Center. He sits on the advisory boards of several historic organizations, such as Abraham Lincoln Foundation of the Union League of Philadelphia, Ford’s Theatre National Historic Site, National Civil War Museum in Harrisburg, and President Lincoln’s Cottage at the Soldiers’ Home.

Abraham Lincoln
Civil War
Presidential War Powers
Campaigns and Elections History
Voting History
Campaign Finance History
Civil Rights/Civil Liberties History

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