Ratifying States

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2. This northern state was was thought to be an easy yes, but proved to be much tougher. Thus, they became the ninth state to ratify, making the Constitution a reality.

5. This state was the only state not to attend Constitutional Convention in Philadelphia.

8. This small state became the fifth to ratify theConstitution with a 128 to 40 vote in January of 1788.

10. In December of 1787, this small state ratified the Constitution by a 39 to 0 vote.

11. In this Carolina state the ratification came quite easily, it was a 149 to 73 vote in favor of the Constitution.

12. This state hoped to be the first to ratify, but Delaware was able to ratify more quickly.


1. In 1788, this state voted unanimously for the Constitution 26 to 0.

2. This Carolina convention origially voted against ratification. It was 1789 before they formally entered the Union.

3. John Hancock was courted by this state's delegates, by asking him to present their state's recommendations for constitutional amendments.

4. This state's plan for the Constituition was penned by James Madison.

6. This colony was our first state

7. This state hoped to become the ninth state to ratify, but ultimately was the tenth and believed to be one of the most important.

9. James McHenry has a famous fort named after hin in this state.


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