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The Peter Jennings Project for Journalists and the Constitution is an annual event hosted by the National Constitution Center and funded initially by the Annenberg Foundation. Its mission is to help both professional journalists and students interested in journalism understand constitutional issues more deeply. Through that discovery, the Project participants and, in turn, those who are touched by their work, will see that the constitutional discussion is not limited to the domain of the court system, academic exchange, and the introductory experience of high school civics classes. Instead, constitutionalism reaches into the fabric of daily life and therefore affects so much of what journalists write, broadcast, edit, and produce.

The Project is named for Peter Jennings, the late, long-time anchor and editor of ABC News "World News Tonight," who was a friend of the National Constitution Center and who, in what would be the last years of his life, developed a deep fascination for the American founding document. It was that fascination which eventually led Jennings, a Canadian native, to become a citizen of the United States at the age of 65.

Before he was struck ill, part of the mission that Peter crafted for himself was to bring the kind of constitutional conversation we describe above to his viewers and readers and to do so in a way commensurate with the enthusiasm he felt for the historic human achievement represented by the American Constitution. It is to that unfinished mission that the Peter Jennings Project for Journalists and the Constitution is dedicated.

The Peter Jennings Project is supervised by Stefan Frank, Director of National Programs at the National Constitution Center. Todd Brewster, Peter Jennings' longtime friend and collaborator, is the Director. Kayce Freed Jennings, wife of the late journalist, works closely with Todd to ensure that the project reflects the values, character and passion for learning that characterized Peter Jennings' distinguished career.

The Project is also shaped by a group of fourteen national leaders in journalism and constitutional law who serve on its Board of Advisors.  They are Akhil Amar, Guido Calabresi, Geoffrey Cowan, Jane Eisner, Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Alberto Ibargüen, Sherrilyn Ifill, Kayce Freed Jennings, Judith S. Kaye, Ted Koppel, John Lewis, Timothy Lewis, Richard Stengel, and David Westin.

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