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Hamilton and the Constitutional Clashes that Shaped the Nation

September 17, 2019

Today, September 17, is Constitution Day – the anniversary of the signing of the Constitution back in 1787. To celebrate that anniversary, we’re sharing a conversation about the constitutional clashes that shaped our nation – between Alexander Hamilton and rivals like Burr, Madison, Jefferson, and Adams. Hamilton historians Carol Berkin, Jay Cost, and Tony Williams visited the NCC for a sit-down with President Jeffrey Rosen.

This program celebrated the opening of the National Constitution Center’s exhibit ‘Hamilton: The Constitutional Clashes that Shaped a Nation.’ Please visit the exhibit now through December 31, 2019.



Carol Berkin is Presidential Professor of History, Emerita, of Baruch College & The Graduate Center, CUNY. She has written extensively on women’s history and on the American Revolution, the creation of the Constitution, and the politics of the early Republic.

Jay Cost is a Visiting Scholar at the American Enterprise Institute, a columnist at National Review Online, and a contributing editorial writer to the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette.

Tony Williams taught at the middle and high school level for fifteen years before becoming the Program Director at the Washington, Jefferson & Madison Institute in Charlottesville, VA. He is the author of five books on early American history.

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This episode was engineered by Greg Scheckler, and produced by Jackie McDermott and Tanaya Tauber.

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