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A Supreme Court Nominee Alert to the Dangers of Big Business

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Obstacles Are Ahead, but Gorsuch Seems Set to Clear Confirmation Bar

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Vice President Joseph R. Biden named chair of National Constitution Center Board of Trustees

“Vice President Biden’s love for the Constitution, and passion for teaching all Americans about its enduring principles, have inspired people around the world,” said Jeffrey Rosen, President and CEO of the National Constitution Center. “From his service in the Senate to his time in the White House, Vice President Biden has devoted himself to educating all Americans about the founding principles of the Constitution and their timeless relevance today. The National Constitution Center is America’s leading convening place for non-partisan constitutional education and debate, and all of us here are thrilled and honored that Vice President Biden will lead us as our Chair.”

To learn more about the announcement, you can read about it on our blog, Constitution Daily, and download a PDF file of the official press release.

Read The Announcement On Constitution Daily


Download A PDF Of The Press Release


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Summer Teacher Institutes


Interactive Constitution Summer Teacher Institute 

Join teachers from across the country and constitutional scholars from across the political spectrum for a weeklong teacher institute at the National Constitution Center in the heart of historic Philadelphia in July 2017. The institute will be offered twice: July 9-14 and July 16-21.

During the institute—through lectures, demonstrations, and historic site visitation—educators work with content experts to deepen their knowledge of the history and modern debates about interpretations of the U.S. Constitution.  With master teachers and the Center’s education team, participants will also discover innovative, nonpartisan ways to make the content relevant to a wide range of learners.  The institute will address such questions as:

The institute takes full advantage of the Center’s partnerships with the American Constitution Society, the Federalist Society, and the College Board, as well as the cultural resources of America’s most historic square mile—in America’s only World Heritage City—to demonstrate the constant presence of the Constitution in American life.  Educators will leave new content knowledge, teaching tools, classroom-ready resources, and new skills for improving constitutional literacy.

Scholarships are available to cover the costs of lodging, some travel expenses, two dinners, reading materials, and teaching resources.

The program begins Sunday evening and ends Friday afternoon.  The week includes activities and events offering institute attendees opportunities to explore Philadelphia’s history and culture, including a dinner at City Tavern, an after-hours tour of Independence Hall, and more.

The application for the Interactive Constitution Summer Teacher Institute is available here.

For more information, contact Mike Adams, Manager of Education, at [email protected]

The Summer Teacher Institutes and the Interactive Constitution are made possible by a grant from the John Templeton Foundation.


To stay informed about other upcoming professional development opportunities sign up for the Center’s Educator E-newsletter here.

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Support Constitutional Education for all
You can make a lasting impact on constitutional education by naming one or more chairs in the newly renovated Sidney Kimmel Theater, where Freedom Rising is performed. Your support will help us provide more opportunities for people of all ages to visit the National Constitution Center, experience Freedom Rising, and see themselves as active participants in our unfolding Constitutional history.

Freedom Rising is the longest running show in Philadelphia and has been seen by more than 8 million visitors to the National Constitution Center from around the world. Freedom Rising has also been performed at the White House, the Gerald R. Ford Museum, and college campuses across the country.

Support Freedom Rising - Name a chair in the Sidney Kimmel Theater
You can support Freedom Rising and have a significant impact on our mission to engage people of all ages in constitutional education and civil debate. Your gift of $2,500 or more will name one chair in the 350 seat Sidney Kimmel Theater where Freedom Rising is performed. Your generous gift of $4,500 will name two chairs. Donors of $2,500 or more will also be recognized as a member of the 1787 Society.

Freedom Rising transcends partisanship and eloquently reminds all Americans of the constitutional values that unite us. Narrated by a live actor, it tells the story of the American quest for freedom through more than 200 years of constitutional history—and sets the stage for the exploration of America’s Founding Documents illuminated in the Centers’ exhibits, including The Story of We the People, and Constituting Liberty: From the Declaration to the Bill of Rights.

Receive Prominent Name Recognition
•    Donors of $2,500 will receive a named chair in the Sidney Kimmel Theater and be recognized as a member of the 1787 Society
•    Donors of $4,500 will receive two named chairs in the Sidney Kimmel Theater and be recognized as a member of the 1787 Society
•    Donors of $500 or more to will be listed in the National Constitution Center’s FY 2016 Annual Report.  

Ways to Give  

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The future of federalism

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