Winter Warm Up Sale 2018

*Please note this offer cannot be combined with our Group Discount. Promotion valid online only. Tickets must be purchased online and in advance of your visit to the National Constitution Center. 

The National Constitution Center’s Winter Warm Up sale will run January 2 through March 31, 2018. For just $10 for adults (usually $14.50) and $7.50 for youth ages 6-18 (usually $11), visitors can experience the Center’s interactive main exhibit, the signature multimedia, theatrical performance of Freedom Rising presented in the Sidney Kimmel Theater, and the iconic Signers’ Hall. 




Main Exhibit Experience:
•    Freedom Rising
•    The Story of We the People
•    Signers' Hall 
Feature Exhibits:
•    Constituting Liberty: From the Declaration to the Bill of Rights 
•    American Treasures: Documenting the Nation's Founding

The National Constitution Center’s main exhibits include three attractions: Freedom Rising, a multimedia theatrical production; The Story of We the People, an interactive exhibit; and the iconic Signers’ Hall, with 42 life-size, bronze statues of the Founding Fathers. 

Freedom Rising
Begin your experience with this stirring live production that Justice Sandra O’Connor has called “the best 17-minute civics  lesson the country.” Freedom Rising is a multimedia theatrical production with 360-degree projection, state-of-the-art sound and lighting, and a live actor who tells the story of the American quest for freedom.

The Story of We the People
This dynamic, interactive exhibit illuminates America’s constitutional history through innovative exhibits, films and photographs, rare artifacts, and hands-on activities led by our education staff.

Signers' Hall 
One of the Consitution Center’s most popular and iconic attractions, Signers’ Hall invites you to sign the Constitution alongside 42 life-size, bronze statues of the Founding Fathers present at the signing on September 17, 1787.

Feature Exhibits
Constituting Liberty: From the Declaration
to the Bill of Rights
Experience America’s founding documents up close.
The Declaration of Independence, the Constitution, and the Bill of Rights are the three most important documents in American history. They express the ideals that define “We the People of the United States” and inspire free people around the world.
The National Constitution Center is proud to display a first edition Stone Engraving of the Declaration of Independence, a rare copy of the first public printing of the U.S. Constitution, and a reproduction of one of the 12 surviving copies of the Bill of Rights in the George H.W. Bush Gallery. The original Bill of Rights, which was exhibited at the Center between 2014 and 2017, is now at The New York Public Library. It will be returned to the National Constitution Center after 2020 and will be displayed on a rotating basis to the public in both Pennsylvania and New York for the next 100 years.

American Treasures: Documenting the Nation's Founding 
American Treasures: Documenting the Nation's Founding illuminates the founding era through the rarest early drafts of the U.S. Constitution, including Pennsylvania delegate James Wilson's own handwritten drafts. The exhibit provides an intimate look at the path the Framers took to create our founding document. Created by the National Constitution Center in partnership with the Historical Society of Pennsylvania, this exhibit explores the momentous constititonal events in this early period of American hisotry. Among the gallery's many priceless treasures is the very first handwritten draft of the U.S. Constitution and a display of rare newspaper printings of the text of the Bill of Rights. The drafts showcase how James Wilson's original proposals became the U.S. Constitution.  


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