Thanksgiving Resources

Note: In accordance with health guidelines from the City of Philadelphia in response to COVID-19, the National Constitution Center is temporarily closed to the public through January 1, 2021.

Don’t take a break from learning holiday weekend! Watch this clip from our “The Story of Thanksgiving” video lesson, and learn about how the holiday became a nationwide observance after the Civil War.

View the entire video here.

The Civil War and the Constitution

Learn more about how the Civil War affected the nation—and in particular the Constitution—with these great resources.

Book a Virtual Tour of Civil War and Reconstruction
You can “visit” the National Constitution Center from anywhere with our new Virtual Museum Experience. Center educators will guide you on LIVE, behind-the-scenes virtual tours of our favorite exhibits. In the Civil War and Reconstruction exhibit tour, take a closer look at one-of-a-kind artifacts including original copies of the 13th, 14th, and 15th Amendments, while exploring how constitutional clashes over slavery set the stage for the Civil War, and how the nation transformed the Constitution after the war to more fully embrace the Declaration of Independence’s promise of freedom and equality.

Experience FOURTEEN: A Theatrical Production
Our website has a cornucopia of resources, including video segments of the Center’s acclaimed theatrical production, FOURTEEN, which sheds light on the Reconstruction era and the ratification of the 14th Amendment through dramatic interpretation of original texts, bringing to life the leaders, influential figures, and everyday Americans who were central to the Reconstruction era.

Explore the Interactive Constitution 
Take a deeper dive into the Reconstruction Amendments on our Interactive Constitution and our new Drafting Table, which allows you to explore key historical documents that inspired the framers of each amendment during the drafting process. Plus, find educational resources connected to each amendment on the Interactive Constitution: Classroom Edition.   

Plus! Download our 14th Amendment Civic Calendar, featuring great artwork with images and explainers on all provisions of the amendment.

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