Tax Day 2019

April 15, 2019

Celebrate Tax Day with the National Constitution Center through a variety of resources for the classroom.

“Tax Day: Dollars and Sense” Video Lesson

In this engaging episode of our educational video series, we will explore what the Constitution says about how the American government manages its money. Learn why it was so important for our young nation to raise cash quickly, and how Alexander Hamilton came up with a plan to create a national bank—despite a debate about whether the Constitution gave the government the power to do so. We’ll pay a visit to the First Bank of the United States to see what its architecture reveals about how the bank was supposed to function. We’ll also find out when, how, and why the Constitution was amended to allow the federal government to impose an income tax, and learn where those tax dollars go today. Don’t forget to use our great discussion questions before and after you watch the episode! 

More Tax Day Resources:


PLUS: Tax Day at the Center
On Tax Day, visitors can learn about the history and significance of taxation and the role that Alexander Hamilton played in the creation of the American financial system. Visitors can also learn more about the Father of American Banking at interactive shows and make piggy banks and other crafts. As part of the Center’s spring break programming exploring Hamilton’s relationships with his friends (and foes), visitors can learn about Hamilton’s role as treasury secretary under one of his most famous friends, President George Washington. 

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