Spring Break Programming

Don’t let the learning stop just because school is out! Head to the museum and enjoy our newest exhibits, participate in a variety of great programs and activities, and learn all about our country’s history!

Separation of Powers Show
10 AM & 2 PM, Grand Hall Lobby
This high-energy show explores how our Constitution limits government by separating powers—a truly revolutionary idea! Take part in an educational tug-of-war game between the executive, legislative, and judicial branches while learning about checks and balances.

Separation of Powers Signers Hall Tour
10:30 AM & 1:30 PM, Signers Hall
Our Educators will guide visitors around the iconic Signers Hall, telling tales of our Founders, and describing the events of the Summer of 1787, and the discussions that lead to our current form of government.    

Flag Etiquette Workshop and Giant Flag Folding Challenge
12:30 PM, Front Lawn

Our knowledgeable education staff will lead workshops showcasing the fascinating history of our American flag, and give visitors tips on how to follow proper flag etiquette. The, visitors will use their new skills to help fold our 20’X30’ flag!

Preamble Scramble, Amendment Match-Up, and Craft Activities
All Day, Grand Hall Lobby
At activity tables, kids can make arts and craft projects, and solve puzzles. They will race against their friends as they place the segments of the Constitution’s preamble in the correct order, or match up the right freedoms with the correct amendments.

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