One Day University in New York City on The Supreme Court: An Inside View

July 15,2014
7:00 PM - 9:00 PM

One Day University in New York City
The Supreme Court: An Inside View

Beginning with the Landmark case Marbury v. Madison in 1802, the Supreme Court ruled on groundbreaking cases that have fundamentally altered the course of American history. In this talk, Professor Jeffrey Rosen will take us inside the Supreme Court, exposing little known facts that he has learned through his countless hours of research. This fascinating and entertaining lecture will cover the history, structure, and operation of the Court, highlight its major cases, and explain where it might be headed next. More notably, Professor Rosen will show that it is far more than legal scholarship and judicial philosophy that has shaped the court – it is the interactions and personalities of the individual members that have created the institution we know today.

One of Professor Rosen’s strongest areas of expertise is the United States Supreme Court. He has interviewed Chief Justice John Roberts, Justice John Paul Stevens, and Justice Stephen Breyer. Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg credited his early support for her Supreme Court candidacy as a factor in her nomination and his essays posted about Sonia Sotomayor were cited across the U.S. He has known Justice Elena Kagan for many years and has authored several books on the Supreme Court, including the critically acclaimed The Supreme Court: The Personalities and Rivalries That Defined America.

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