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6 ways to celebrate Women's History Month at the Center

March 2, 2011 by NCC Staff


Celebrate Women’s History Month at the National Constitution Center! This self-guided tour explores the struggles American women have had to gain equality as citizens. Look for the Women’s History Month stickers highlighting the following artifacts and displays throughout our exhibits.

1. Women in Colonial Philadelphia

These thimbles, fabric pins and other household objects once belonged to the women who lived in the bustling colonial neighborhood where the Center now stands. Imagine the difficulties they faced running a household before modern conveniences.

2. The American National Tree

At interactive touch screens, discover the remarkable stories of inspirational American women. Among our favorites is Dr. Mary E. Walker, the only woman in American history to be awarded the Medal of Honor.

3. Votes for Women!

Thanks to the work of Susan B. Anthony and her fellow suffragists, no woman can be denied voting rights because of her gender. Take a closer look at a letter written by Anthony, and discover the other political goals she hoped to accomplish.

4. Justice O’Connor’s Robe

Sandra Day O’Connor broke the glass ceiling when she became the first woman appointed to the United States Supreme Court. Check out her judicial robe and see how she added her own style to this traditionally male outfit.

5. From the Absence of Many to the Presence of All…The Unfinished Business of Women's Equality

Women have taken great steps towards equality since the passage of the 19th Amendment 90 years ago. Explore this special exhibition that celebrates the many extraordinary moments in women’s history while looking ahead to what the future will bring.

6. Art of the American Soldier

Hear stories from one of our featured artists, Lt. Heather Englehart, currently serving with the Louisiana Army National Guard. Additional stories from Vietnam War nurse Marsha Four can be heard on the exhibition’s audio tour.


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