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Video: Constitution Day programs at the National Constitution Center

September 18, 2013 by NCC Staff


If you missed some of the programing at the National Constitution Center on Constitution Day 2013, watch a video replay now.

cdayprogrammingEach video uses Adobe Connect to provide a recorded version of Tuesday’s programming. (Please check back if you have problems connecting to the video.)

Program 1: Mary Beth Tinker

Civic activist Mary Beth Tinker takes her story to the streets and to the National Constitution Center on Constitution Day! The 1960s free speech icon from the Supreme Court’s “armband case” seeks to boost free speech awareness and civics education by telling her story to students and teachers across America on the Tinker Tour—a nationwide civic education bus trip. She’s launching the tour at the National Constitution Center!

Video link:

Program 2: Congressman John Lewis

Kids and adults alike had the special opportunity of engaging with civil rights icon Congressman John Lewis and co-writer Andrew Aydin as they introduced March: Book One—the first in a graphic novel trilogy that shares Congressman Lewis’ remarkable story with new generations.

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Program 3: Drones and Privacy

The National Constitution Center’s President and CEO Jeffrey Rosen; Georgetown University Law Professor Carrie F. Cordero, Director of National Security Studies; and Penn Law Professor Claire Finkelstein, Director of the Center for Ethics and the Rule of Law talked about the challenges of ensuring both liberty and security.

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Program 4: DOMA and Same-Sex Marriage

What does this mean for the future of same-sex marriage in Pennsylvania? On Constitution Day, Philadelphia magazine editor Tom McGrath moderated a timely and critical conversation with Mark Aronchick and Greg Randall Lee, representing both sides of the debate.

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