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The winner of Presidential Madness is…

April 8, 2012 by NCC Staff


Well, that wasn't even close.

After two weeks of voting, our 32-president bracket has produced an answer to the question: Which fictional president would make the best real-life president?

The people have spoken. With all precincts reporting, Jed Bartlet of "The West Wing" defeated Thomas Whitmore of "Independence Day" in our final match in a landslide.

On his path to victory, Bartlet defeated Matt Santos from "The West Wing;" Andrew Shepherd from "The American President;" James Marshall from "Air Force One;" and Henry Ashton from "Vantage Point."

To celebrate his victory, join us for five of our favorite Bartlet moments:

[youtube eD52OlkKfNs]

[youtube eSTTc_-JTpo]

[youtube qqLIH2UiPXg]

[youtube VyqzPu5pX6U&fe]

[youtube CQoGfOBTx6E]

Thanks for voting. See our Presidential Madness page for a full recap and be sure to stop by for next year's tournament.


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