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Tell Washington what you think about the debt showdown

July 27, 2011 by NCC Staff


As the battle over the national debt barreled this week toward an Aug. 2 showdown, the National Constitution Center asked visitors to weigh in on the controversy.

The Republican-led House and President Barack Obama, a Democrat, are at loggerheads over competing plans to cut spending, increase revenue and raise the debt limit. As the sense of crisis and public frustration intensified, visitors shared their views with videographer Gus Graves about the partisan impasse and how it should be resolved.

You can view their responses here:

[vimeo 26731413 600 338]

Let your representatives in Congress know what you think. Earlier this week, in a televised address, President Obama urged citizens to make their voices heard. House Speaker John Boehner's immediate rebuttal, also televised, demonstrated just how far apart the two sides remain.

How should the crisis be resolved? Use the National Constitution Center's Citizen Action application to reach out with your thoughts by clicking here or by clicking the "find your official" button below.


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