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Avery Brundage’s complicated Olympic legacy

August 6, 2012 By Michael Simzak

Avery Brundage was the most controversial figure in American Olympic history and its most complex, as he crossed paths with people like Jim Thorpe, Adolf Hitler, Jessie Owens and the proponents of Apartheid.

Federal court fight continues over America’s first great Olympian

July 31, 2012 By Scott Bomboy

It was 100 years ago this month that Jim Thorpe put America on the world’s sports map and made the Olympics a global phenomenon. But the fight over Thorpe’s body still lingers in a federal court.

Jackie Robinson's crossing of the Rubicon

April 15, 2012 By Michael Simzak

Sometimes it is possible to change everything simply by showing up. A person can symbolically right generations of wrongs by just walking through an open door.

Presidential Madness: Who is the best fictional president?

March 12, 2012 By NCC Staff

This year, we'll be voting to determine the best fictional president in entertainment history.

Who we're rooting for on Super Tuesday

March 6, 2012 By Michael Simzak

We at the Constitution Daily sports desk feel it is our duty as educators, citizens, and sports fans to ensure that voters can cast an informed vote in this campaign. As such, we have assembled this Sports Fans’ Guide to the Republican Primary.

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