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Happy birthday, 25th Amendment

February 10, 2013 By Holly Munson

The assassination of President John F. Kennedy in 1963 wasn't the first time the U.S. had to deal with presidential succession. In fact, there had already been seven times that a vice president assumed the presidency due to the president's death.

Chris Matthews: How JFK played hardball in Pennsylvania

November 3, 2011 By Chris Matthews

Despite the yearnings of Catholics and others, especially Jewish and African-American voters, Kennedy faced obstacles.

5 great presidential moments in baseball history

October 5, 2011 By Michael Simzak

Truman displayed a unique skill by throwing out a ceremonial pitch right-handed and then left-handed. Although the quality of both pitches is unknown, it still represents a unique feat in bi-partisanship.

Office politics: 10 tough presidential decisions

August 9, 2011 By Mark Kehres

How tough a job is it? Here are 10 storms weathered by our nation's presidents.

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