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Why the true story of Prohibition matters today

November 15, 2012 By Daniel Okrent

Bestselling author Daniel Okrent, the curator of our new American Spirits exhibit, talks about the real story of Prohibition and why its central debate is still relevant today.

Five losing candidates who came closest to becoming a president

November 6, 2012 By NCC Staff

President Aaron Burr? Or President Charles Evans Hughes? These men and three other came so close to winning the highest office in the land, but came up just a few votes short.

It's not over until January 6

November 5, 2012 By Linda Monk

Remember that crying four-year-old who said, "I'm tired of Bronco Bamma and Mitt Romney"? Her mother soothed her with the promise that "it'll be over soon, Abbie." Well, mom was wrong.

Quiz: How much do you know about the days before Prohibition?

October 16, 2012 By NCC Staff

The National Constitution Center’s new “American Spirits” exhibit is open. But can you pass a 10-question quiz about the events that led up to the nation’s craziest decade: the Prohibition era?

Artifact alert: The violent legend of Carry Nation

October 9, 2012 By NCC Staff

One of the featured artifacts at the National Constitution Center’s “American Spirits” exhibit is Carry Nation’s hatchet, which was feared by saloon goers nationwide at the start of the 20th century.

10 things you need to know about Prohibition

September 19, 2012 By NCC Staff

As the National Constitution Center gets ready to open its “American Spirits” exhibition next month, we look back at the 10 big things you need to know about Prohibition.

Address America with your six-word stump speech

September 16, 2012 By NCC Staff

If you were running for office, how would you address America’s problems in only six words?

10 fun facts about the Constitution and Constitution Day

September 16, 2012 By NCC Staff

Are you ready to celebrate the Constitution’s 225th birthday on September 17th? Here are 10 key numbers you should know—in an easy-to-print graphic!

Muhammad Ali accepts Liberty Medal in Philadelphia

September 13, 2012 By NCC Staff

Boxing legend and humanitarian Muhammad Ali was awarded the Liberty Medal on Thursday night to a huge ovation in front of Philadelphia’s National Constitution Center.

Updated: Understanding the health care decision in three minutes

June 28, 2012 By Scott Bomboy

The Supreme Court’s historic decision on President Barack Obama’s health-care reform program seems complicated, but much of it can be broken down to a few concepts we can all understand.

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