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Romney’s new VP app may baffle some voters

July 31, 2012 by NCC Staff


The Mitt Romney campaign will announce his vice presidential pick on a smartphone app--if you can find it on your phone. The Obama camp also rolled out a rival app at the same time.

The Romney campaign announced the app on Tuesday morning and put links to the app on its website.

It runs on Apple and Android (sorry, Blackberry users) and is available in iTunes and Google Play.

That gives Romney a leg up on Obama, whose app only runs on Apple devices.

But when we tried to get the app on a Google Android phone, there were a few issues.

First, our phone uses the Android Market to download apps, and after three searches in the Marketplace on our Droid, we couldn’t find the app.

More embarrassingly, a quick search for “Mitt Romney” didn’t return the "Mitt’s VP" app as a search result--instead, we got the “Flip-Flop Mitt Romney” app as our first search result.

We had better results searching using the words “Mitt VP” instead of “Mitt Romney.” Add the word “VP” to your search in iTunes and Google play, and you will get to the app.

And then there is the fine print. You’ll need an account on Romney’s official website or your Facebook account to get the SMS message announcing the vice presidential pick.

On Google, the app privacy policy page links to the policy on Per that policy, the Romney app and website might use your name in public.

“We occasionally publicize the usernames of certain MyMitt members along with their city and state information for purposes of contests or programs. MyMitt members who do not want their usernames publicized should email [email protected] to request removal,” the site says.

The app also asks for user registration information such as your name, email, address, and zip code.

Not to be outdone, President Barack Obama’s campaign launched its own updated app on Tuesday.

But the Obama app is only for the Apple platform and not the Droid platform.

The Obama app pinpoints a user’s location and provides information about the campaign locally.

The Obama app also lets a user become a grassroots organizer and contains a lengthy legal disclaimer about the use of donor information.

Both the Obama and Romney apps allow users to donate directly to the respective campaigns, taking advantage of new regulations that greatly expand the potential for grassroots contributions.

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