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Romney apparently bypassing chance to visit New Jersey

November 2, 2012 by NCC Staff


Mitt Rommey will be making a highly publicized trip to Pennsylvania on Sunday. But will he travel just miles from his campaign appearance to see Hurricane Sandy storm damage?

Romney will hold a large rally in Morrisville, Pennsylvania, at 5:30 p.m. on Sunday, according to the candidate’s website. Morrisville borders New Jersey and sits across the river from Trenton, where Governor Chris Christie holds court.

Whether Romney finds a way to visit neighboring New Jersey remains to be seen, but that seems unlikely based on his campaign schedule.

The GOP presidential hopeful is making a last-second push for votes in electoral-rich Pennsylvania. Morrisville is in an affluent part of Bucks County.

It’s also just minutes away from Interstate 195, a highway that runs straight into some of the heaviest storm damage from Hurricane Sandy, about 45 minutes away.

According to, Romney will hold a campaign rally in Ohio at 2:45 p.m. on Sunday as he flies into Cleveland for a rally with country singer Rodney Atkins and the Marshall Tucker Band.

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Romney would likely fly into a smaller airport in Trenton, or possibly Newark or Philadelphia, for his 5:30 p.m. appearance in Morrisville, Pennsylvania.

Given that the next day is Election Day eve, it’s unknown if Romney would have the time to look at the storm damage in New Jersey, most likely after dark, and still make his next stop for the evening.

Romney’s campaign schedule is booked until Sunday, with multiple appearances in Ohio and Colorado. President Obama is also spending Friday in Ohio.

New Jersey Governor Christie, who gave the keynote speech at the Republican National Convention, was an early Romney supporter.

But Christie made a highly public appearance this week with President Barack Obama, as the two leaders toured storm-damaged New Jersey.

The GOP candidate’s late appearance in Pennsylvania, and a big upswing in campaign spending there, has led to talk that Romney’s team is hopeful for an upset in the Keystone State.

President George H.W. Bush was the last Republican to win in Pennsylvania in 1992.

With 20 electoral votes, a Romney win in Pennsylvania would be a game changer in the presidential election.


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