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Rice sounds like candidate at fundraiser, on Fox

June 26, 2012 by Scott Bomboy


Former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice has made more public remarks that have her sounding like a potential running mate for Mitt Romney.

Rice spoke for about 15 minutes at a Washington fundraiser for a political action committee supporting Republican women. Then, she headed off for an exclusive appearance on Fox News with Greta Van Susteren.

The twin media appearances by Rice and Florida Senator Marco Rubio’s apparent fall from favor as a vice presidential candidate have put the former Secretary of State back in the national spotlight.

Rice will be back on TV tonight for part two of her interview with Van Susteren.

On Fox, Rice said the issue of immigration was directly related to foreign policy, her area of expertise.

“Other countries want to know if we have consistent laws,” Rice said. She called for "sensible" immigration laws, with the president working with Congress.

Rice also said “it’s not the time to take up immigration” during the election process and that the federal government hasn’t resolved the issue properly.

Fox News ran a feature on Rice in May as a vice presidential prospect. It featured a clip of Rice in April saying she’s a “foreign policy specialist” with no interest in elections.

But at the ShePAC fundraiser on Monday, Rice sounded more like a candidate, stating point blank that her foreign policy background was linked to domestic policy.

"There are many foreign policy issues on the agenda, but we are not going to address any of those international challenges unless we get it right at home. And it's not right at home right now, and the American people know it,” Rice said.

Rice also spoke about her life growing up in Alabama during the last days of segregation, and how Romney was the best candidate to lead the country.

“We're going to do it with great leadership like the people in this room and like Governor Mitt Romney, who will be a terrific president,” she said.

Rice was the star of a gathering in Utah last weekend featuring the Romney team and big financial contributors.

Rubio was absent from that two-day meeting.

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